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What is truth?

Can it be found in a book or on the lips of a guru? 

Or is it the insight that billows up to the mind from the depths of lived experience?

Can truth be taught?

Or is it relegated to that sacred place of direct encounter?

Megan Logan is a multimedia artist from San Gabriel Valley, California. Her work combines themes ranging from the ancient to the ultramodern, as she is passionate about reviving age-old wisdom and adapting ancient truths in ways that resonate with the modern collective consciousness. 


Megan believes that art is a powerful medium for communicating beyond the realm of language, and has the ability to elevate humanity above the global crises of our day. If we are to rise above our perilous circumstances, we have to imagine a new world to inhabit, and imagination is stimulated and sustained by powerful imagery.


More than an artist, Megan sees herself as a builder of bridges between the old and the new world.


If you're interested in purchasing art or working together creatively feel free to reach out.

Looking forward to connecting!
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