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On The True Self

What is the vision you hold of your ideal self?

It is already within you.

There is a version of you that epitomizes your every admiration and embodies all attributes which you now aspire to attain.

Just as the divine pattern of the oak tree waits within the acorn, so the image of your ideal waits in you.

Only rid yourself of the façade you have built up around your true self.

The sculptor reveals his masterpiece by chiseling away all that is not his vision, and in this way you must chisel away all that is not who you truly are.

Fear, deception, vice, conformity - these are the petrifying forces that envelop the soul and keep it in darkness.

To be free you must first be broken.

The process of revelation of the true self is a painful one.

An endless series of letting go.

Letting go of all that is not true to the vision within.

The first break is the most painful.

A shattering of fundamental illusions.

The death of the ego.

This is when that first ray of light shines forth from the cracked stone of the false self.

This magnificent light beam is the first sign of the potential within you; the first glimpse of the image.

The urge to continue, painful as the journey becomes, is insatiable.

There is no going back.

The image of your ideal, once awakened, will never go back to sleep.

It is the divine destiny that has awaited your brokenness to allow it to be unleashed and to unfold beautifully before you.

Let go…

and let the image of your ideal become you.

- M. Logan

Image of the Ideal


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